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"Thank you ever so much Kirby! You're an absolute legend."

-Atlantic, Clarity

Atlantic is a 14-year-old Waddle Dee who regularly goes on misadventures with her friends. Her full name is Atlantis Skytree.



Atlantic in Moonbow Of Hope

In Clarity, she appears as a Waddle Dee wearing a purple and white backpack, along with the rare Direwolf Hat from the game Animal Jam. In Moonbow Of Hope and all other appearances, she's a glasses-wearing Waddle Dee with a red scarf decorated with white snowflakes. In battle, she wears a white glove and uses a pink bow with about 10 arrows.

Her outfits are all based off AtlanticSkies' (her creator) appearance in the game Animal Jam.

Powers / Abilities

Naturally, Atlantic has no powers, but she does have a pink bow she can shoot arrows from. When possessed by King Hwanghon in Moonbow Of Hope, she can enchant her arrows with poison, fire, or destruction. Her white glove can also turn into retractable claws.

In Clarity

"This is for Ripple Star's own good!"

Atlantic goes by the name Dire Dee, and is a thief from Ripple Star. She has come to Pop Star to steal many weapons vital to Pop Star, like the Triple Star, the Star Rod, and the Rainbow Sword. However, Kirby stops her, and learns she needs them to save her home before it gets corrupted by Dark Matter (again). After Kirby defeats Darkfall Blade, who was planning to take care of "02's unfinished business", Atlantic decides to move to Pop Star to spend more time with Kirby.

In Moonbow Of Hope

"Don't worry everyone, I'll protect you!"

Atlantic appears as one of the members of the Comet Crusaders, an army based on defeating King Hwanghon. She was the "sharpshooter" of the group. Unfortunately she got possessed by King Hwanghon and became Dark Dire Dee. Dark Dire Dee was soon defeated, and the darkness inside her was released.

She was also the first to notice the moonbow in the sky after King Hwanghon was defeated for good.


  • Atlantic's real name is first revealed in Moonbow Of Hope when King Hwanghon is about to possess her.
  • Atlantic is user AtlanticSkies' Kirbsona.
    • To add to this, Atlantic has the personality traits and birthday of her creator.
  • Atlantic's appearances are loosely based on items you can wear in Animal Jam, an MMO that her creator AtlanticSkies used to play a lot.

Related Quotes

"Oooh! And you should meet Atlantic! She's the best archer I know!"

-Ryu, Desert Rose

"A mysterious thief from Ripple Star. Her intentions behind stealing Pop Star's artifacts are unknown..."

-Clarity, Cast of Characters

"A glasses-clad sharpshooter originally from Ripple Star."

-Moonbow of Hope, Cast of Characters