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Felicita is a young Penguin born from an oasis on Rock Star. She's very kind, yet timid and fearful.


Felicita was born from an oasis in the Zonnen Desert on Rock Star. Somehow she arrived on Popstar. Many say she was born by a vine falling into the oasis, absorbing its magic and giving the vine a soul. Others say she's a guardian from above sent to protect nature.

No one knows her true origin. Not even Felicita herself.


Felicita can use her powers to summon vines. Sometimes she uses this for grabbing far-away things. Other times for combat, but this is quite rare, as Felicita is a pacifist.

The vines she summons are very much like the ones on her body, except they can't grow flowers on them.

When in combat, she uses the vines to grab her opponents. That plus the added thorns makes for a very painful experience.


Felicita is a green penguin (like Dedede, but green) with thorny vines wrapped around her body. Under that, she wears red, dress-esque clothing. One of her eyes is covered with her vines. And one of her hands is covered (and possibly consumed) by a red flower. Her feet are yellow, and have no talons.


"Erm, good day. I am F-Felicita..."

-Felicita, Desert Rose

"I don't get it. Why does everyone assume I'm a monster?"

-Felicita talking about her appearance, Desert Rose

"AH! I-I mean, ah, the f-fire on your h-head is quite p-pretty..."

-Felicita talking to Leon, Desert Rose

"L-Let my friends go...!"

-Felicita ready to attack, Moonbow of Hope

"Celeste! A-Are you alright?!"

-Felicita checking if Celeste is okay, Moonbow of Hope

"We c-can face evil. Together."

-Felicita trying to support her team, Moonbow of Hope

"A young penguin girl, and the star of this story. Mysterious, thorny vines wrap around her body, yet she feels no pain..."

-Desert Rose, Cast of Characters

"A shy girl with thorny vines wrapped around her body. Don't you think it hurts?"

-Moonbow of Hope, Cast of Characters


  • Felicita is an adopted OC from user Monotonepaste3rd.
  • Her name means "blessed" or "bliss" in Spanish.
  • Felicita has intense pyrophobia, meaning she is afraid of fire.
    • This means she is afraid of Pyro and Leon, since Leon is a Burning Leo and Pyro is made of fire.
  • Felicita's theme is "Traverse In Trance" from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS.