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"No! I realize what you're doing now, and I won't stand for it!"

-Pyro, Moonbow Of Hope

Pyro is a fire Skully that once served under King Hwanghon. He has pyrokinesis powers, which means he can use fire attacks.


Pyro is very reserved and quiet, yet every now and then he likes to cause mischief. Under King Hwanghon's rule, he stayed in his shy personality 24/7 out of fear that, if he stepped out of line, he would have to face horrible consequences.

After he became a member of the Comet Crusaders, he began shifting into his mischievous personality, yet keeping his serenity.


Pyro was created by King Hwanghon, who wanted to douse the world in darkness, as his Dark Matter ancestors wanted to do. He spent years serving him, until he met Celeste and realized what he was doing. He decided to revolt against his previous leader and help defeat him. After the events of Moonbow Of Hope, he decided to live in Neo Star, where the temperature was perfect for him to live in. He occasionally comes to Pop Star to visit Celeste. He's also trying to become friends with Felicita, but she's too scared of him (due to him being a Fire Skully and once serving "the bad guy").


  • Pyro is an adopted OC from user Gooey163, or Bandana N-Z.
  • Pyro can control fire, sharing powers with Leon.
  • Pyro is of the Skully species, and is some sort of fire hybrid. This is normal for beings created by King Hwanghon, as some of his fellow Skullies are poison, ice, and hypno hybrids.


"My leader asked me to take you captive. But I don't want to..."

-Pyro capturing Celeste

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"A servant of King Hwanghon. He seems content in his role, but is he really?"

-Moonbow of Hope, Cast of Characters